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Certax & IRIS OpenSpace

Certax OpenSpace creates a safe environment in which you can exchange documents electronically with your accountant. Quick and simple to use, it cuts out the time and costs involved in posting documents and eliminates the risks involved in sending con dential information by email.

  • Certax can send you draft accounts, tax returns or financial statements
  • You can send documents and files such as bank statements, payroll slips and proof of identity or even backups from your bookkeeping software
  • You are automatically notified if there is a document awaiting your review and approval
  • Log in with your unique username and password to download and review the items - simply click to approve
  • Certax is notified once you have approved the document

The Challenge

When your accountant prepares your tax return and/or accounts, there is always a need to exchange documents. You will need to review items along the way and approve the final versions.

The costs involved in printing o and posting are constantly rising. Posting hard copies of documents also introduces delays and has an impact on the environment. Using email is certainly faster but creates security issues, especially when sending confidential information.

You may also be concerned about parting with the originals of important personal documents, should your accountant need to verify your identity for anti-money laundering purposes.

The solution

IRIS OpenSpace accelerates the speed of interaction with your accountant, helping to keep the momentum going - especially when an HMRC deadline is approaching. Whereas in the past it could take days, even weeks, before all the issues were resolved, today you can have instant access to your documents and approve them electronically within minutes.

IRIS OpenSpace is a cloud-based solution, meaning there is no software for you to install, run or maintain. You simply access your documents from any location using any browser and approve them at the touch of a button from your smartphone or laptop. This makes it much easier to t your ‘paperwork’ into a spare moment when you’re on the move.

Unlike cloud-based consumer tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive, IRIS OpenSpace is specially designed for UK accountants and their clients and complies fully with the UK rules on data protection. You have the peace of mind of knowing that all communications between you and your accountant are secure.

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