Finance is the essence of all business. Maintaining a positive cash flow whilst also generating a reasonable return on investment can prove to be difficult. Our expert advisors are there to offer financial advice and support on different areas of funding and business finance. By using our services you would be saving valuable time that could be used on other aspects of your business.

Keeping on top of your business’ finance can be difficult, late payments, poor cash flow and overdraft payments are just to name a few of the issues a business may come across. Certax are there to help you to remain a stable business whether this be through gaining funding or just better management of the business’ finance.

What Certax Offers You

Invoice Financing – In some cases payments may not be made on the date expected, we will work with you to determine the best method to bridge the gap between the sale and the time the payment is received. Invoice financing will allow you to balance you cash flow whilst waiting for a payment from a customer.

Cash Flow Forecasts – We can create a cash flow forecast for your business. Controls and measures are very important when making decisions. Having a cash flow forecast will allow you to set targets and further down the line you would be able to make a comparisons between the forecasted figure and the actual figure to highlight any key problems.

Business Plans – Having issues with your business plan or simply don’t have one? Don’t worry, we have you covered, our team of accountants can advise, review or create your business plan. Without a business plan you are at a risk of more mistakes due to a lack of planning. Having an individual with experience of making business plans will also give you more opportunity to gain outside funding from banks and other investors.

Finance Applications – No need to panic about lengthy application forms causing you problems, as part of our service we will complete the forms then send them to yourself to review the information before sending them off selected funder.

Overdrafts – Our team will help you find the most suitable overdraft for your business needs. By creating positive links between yourself and the bank we would look to get you the best rates possible for the selected overdraft size.

All of the matters above require a professional eye, which Certax can provide. Gaining funding and corporate finance can be a daunting task with many routes which can be taken. Certax has a team of experienced advisors to help you in what can prove to be a complicated task.

Each case offers a new scenario so we like to get to know our clients so that we can fully understand their needs and requirements. Our accountants will then have the information needed to make informed decisions.

Why not get in touch with the Certax Team and find out how they can help your business.

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