Integration with KashFlow

VAT Returns filed for you - If your business is small, you can't afford to miss any HMRC deadlines. So with KashFlow, Vat Returns and EC Sales lists can be all be filed directly to HMRC, all from within the software.

Year End Accounts - Use our Year End report to create a Journal that effectively resets your Profit & Loss report automatically

Works well with other software - KashFlow integrates with over 85 other systems. All the big names in CRM, ecommerce, email programmes, payment processors, payroll software, inventory management and many more.

Forcasting with Certax & Gearshift

Identify Problems Early - We can create profit & loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts quickly. Clearly presented data highlights problems before they become critical.

Make Informed Decisions - We can give you a powerful 'what if' function to identify cashflow risks and model possible business changes. See the impact of potential decisions in seconds, make informed choices and ensure you always stay on top of your cashflow.

Stay on Track - Here at Certax we enable you to track your actual financial performance against your plan. Review your progress, make updates and collaborate with your advisors to help you achieve your business goals.

What can Certax offer?

  • Key indicators dashboard - see key risks in seconds
  • Monthly, weekly & daily cashflow forecasts
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Save time producing robust financial forecasts
  • Track performance
  • Powerful 'What If' modelling feature - with our help allowing you to make informed decisions

We manage your bookeeping while you manage your business

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