How can Certax help?

Certax offers a complete, end-to-end solution for auto enrolment. This includes:

  • Pension scheme setup wizard including postponement and deferrals
  • Completing the declaration of compliance to the Pensions Regulator
  • Communications automatically generated for each employee
  • Output files generated for chosen pension provider(s)
  • Submission of these files to your pension provider(s)
  • Automated assessment within each payroll run, enrolling eligible employees and calculating contributions

We make complying with the Pensions Regulator easy.

Communication for your workforce

We can publish the communications electronically so your employees can access them via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Payslips, P60’s and all Auto Enrolment Communications, direct to your employees whether at home or on the move at the click of a button.

Employees have to be informed at key stages in the automatic enrolment process. The communications required will be set by their worker status and what stage they are at in the process, and the triggers behind this are complex. The Certax Durham team takes care of the communications element, so you don't have to. We work closely with The Pensions Regulator to ensure your workers receive the right communications at the right time.

Our Solution or Third Party Software?

Here at Certax we aim to ensure an easy streamlined process for our clients.

The complexities of automatic enrolment are well documented and the costs associated with finding a solution to carry out all the required tasks have been debated. Businesses looking to minimise costs by employing middleware and manual solutions risk leaving themselves open to noncompliance and delays in submissions. With the frequency of assessments, the volume of communications and changing work status for employees, both eligible and non-eligible, payroll teams and finance departments can find themselves stretched and left with limited time to focus on business priorities.

Having a variety of companies, with multiple solutions, completing different tasks makes auditing your automatic enrolment process difficult and expensive. We can offer you a full solution completing both your payroll and auto-enrolment at the same time.

As daunting as it may sound, The Pensions Regulator will issue fines for non-compliance with the Workplace Pension Reform. We keep a full audit trail of all communications and with The Pensions Regulator requirements stating that you have to retain full audit flow data for up to six years, this takes all the burden away from you.

The benefits of having a whole software solution offered by one source can actually minimise your business’ overall costs, and allows us to keep all of your automatic enrolment compliance right up to date at the same time.

Looking for a solution that work with your chosen pension provider?

Making sure your solution can support you beyond assessing your employees is another element of automatic enrolment that needs to be considered. Certax Accounting Durham LLP provides standard and bespoke pension output files for the following pension companies;

More pension providers are being added everyday, but if you can't see your chosen pension provider above, contact the team for more information about bespoke files.

Try our free E-payslip App today

There is one simple app that you can try today which will show you how easy and simple it is to access automatic enrolment communications, payslips and P60s. The e-payslips app (IRIS OpenPayslips) is available to download for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Download for iOS Download for Andriod

We manage your payroll service including auto-enrolment while you manage your business

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